About Us
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We engage in,
  • Evangelization¬†
Announcing Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Redeemer of all People.
  • Social Action
Involving in social action and transforming the society.
  • Social Work
Showing compassion to the orphans and the abandoned women and children.
  • Education
Offering education and giving integral formation to our students.
  • Health Care
Providing holistic health care.

Our movement is constant and only such consistency would give life to the world. Although we began our journey two hundred years ago, the challenges of time propel us to go ahead.

Present world creates a net marvel every moment. Nevertheless, humanity is also wounded ever moment. Humanity is deformed on the basis of caste, religion, language, race, color and culture.

The tears of those who are marginalized continue to flow. The crimes against the womenfolk are not yet over. The longing of the young to live is constant. Poverty in every dimension is everywhere. Cultural elements are cast away. However, our hope is still alive active and would be in this world for all times. Therefore