Accepting the invitation of the most Rev. Raphy Manjaly, the bishop of Allahabad, we have started the new mission in Dudhi (Sonebhadra District) on 2nd April 2016 to collaborate with the Diocese in the mission of education.

At present four of our sisters, Sr. Pakkiam (Superior), Sr. Yazhi, Sr. Jayanthi, and Sr. Gracy are doing education ministry.Before the arrival of our sisters to the place, the newly constructed convent which was attached to the school building was kept ready with all the facilities. It has given a good impression to all of us about the diocese. It also helped our sisters to get involved in their mission enthusiastically and to commit themselves for their service happily.

We thank and appreciate our sisters Sr. Leema Rose and Sr. Rita who have accepted to stay for one month at Dudhi in the beginning.

We thank Most Rev. Raphy Manjaly, the bishop and his Curia for their generosity and encouragement. Special thanks to Fr. Raymond D’Souza, the Parish Priest for all that he has done and doing for our sisters.