We Celebrated Women

We celebrated women’s day at our Generalate on 11th March, 2018. We focusing on the positive aspects of women during the celebration as well as motivate and encourage the women’s power. Sr. Jenitha (tertian) welcomed the women folk of hundred and above who came for the celebration from various parts of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. They all enjoyed as well as enlightened by the input sessions by the dignitaries. Rev. Mother. Mary Stella, the Mother General was the chief guest of the program. She said, “It is possible for women to be the aesthetic rebellion. It is a emergence of re-finding the tradition of our Pseudo culture.”

Rev. Sr. Sharmila, our General Secretary gave a firing introductory speech. She said, “We need to ensure that we are the power, through being the icon of the society, creating a positive path, for the next generation needs the freedom to explore the changes.’

Sr. Subha, gave a valuable input to the participants on ‘Successful Women in the Current World’. The women of today have overcome the rough edges of their life and proved themselves as strong setting an example for thousands.

Sr. Stella (Tertian) spoke about the media literacy. She explained how the media (Ads, Movies, News, shows) especially serials create an impact on women with their repetitive messages. Some of the TV shows criticize the new style (culture) picked up by teen girls. There are still other serial episodes glorify the sober and humble attitude of women.

Miss. Sujatha Robin, a school teacher picked the groups attention by her inspirational words on prioritizing the girl’s education. She commented that education helps women develop their character, mental strength and humanitarian values.

The awesome folk dance and the awareness song by tertians were based on invoking the nature of women’s effective and symbolic stand in their society. They conveyed that women should have freedom and live without fear; with their head held high they should march towards success. Finally Sr. Pamila gave a vote of thanks and with a delicious dinner, the celebration ended.