It was the greatest occasion that we cherished in our Gonzaga family. The celebrations like Temporary Vows, Perpetual Vows, Silver and Golden Jubilee celebrations doubled our Joy. This celebration reminded us that God can call anyone to anywhere for any purpose to work in his vineyard.

FIRST VOWS :  23.04.2019

May your life’s journey take on a
rewarding joyous and fulfilling life
with jesus our Lord our Savior.
The family of Gonzaga
welcomes you.

SILVER JUBILEE : 27.04.2019

May God bless you and guide you
with heavenly strength and perfect faith as
you continue your life and service to
jesus for the past 25 years and the
years to come.

GOLDEN JUBILEE : 27.04.2019

May God’s joyous presence fill your
heart today as mary wrap you in
her mental of love and bring you
peace for ever on your
Golden jubilee Dear Sisters!

FINAL VOWS : 25.04.2019

You did not choose me
but I chose you.And
I appointed you to go and bear fruit,
fruit that will last.So that the Father will give you
whatever you ask him in my name  Jn. 15:1