Suppose Christmas Celebration

In Puducherry, we have home for children in different places. Girls are staying in homes such as Gonzaga Home, Assissi Home, Sacred Heart Home, Mathias Home and St. Joseph’s Home.  At present altogether, there are 600 girls staying in these homes. From the above homes we invited 120 children to celebrate the Suppose Christmas in the Generalate on 21st December at 10.30 a.m. All the in- charge sisters also accompanied them. 17 junior sisters conducted prayer service and prayed for the students.

In the cultural programme, the event of the birth of Jesus was enacted by the students with variety of dances. The message given by them was “When we help the poor by sharing what we have our Christmas will be meaningful”.

As gifts, new dresses, toilet things, ornaments like chain, bangles and study materials were given. At last delicious lunch was served. Students enjoyed the meal and thanked us for sharing with them the love and Joy of Christmas.