Consecrated Year

The year 2015 was dedicated as the ‘Year of consecrated life’. The objectives of the years according to our Holy Father were “to look the past with gratitude, to live the present with passion and to embrace the future with hope.” There have been many gatherings, meeting, and seminars for the sisters of our congregation at various levels.

Groups were formed according to ‘Novitiate companions’ consisting seniors and juniors to reflect on our consecrated life in order to deepen our faith, trust in Jesus, to strengthen our religious commitment and to realize these objectives in our religious life.

On 24th - 25th of Jan 2015 the administrators of our congregation participated in the inaugural meeting. Most Rev. Dr. Soundararaju Periyanayagam, SDB, the Bishop of Vellore diocese and Rev. Fr. Louis – Episcopal Vicar of Clegy, were the resource persons. In all the meetings importance was given to reflect and strengthen our consecrated life, community relationship, involvement in mission and our prayer life.

All the sisters in their respective group shared their life experience. It helped the group, increased the confidence to immerse into the mission work, inspired to commit oneself more to one’s religious life. The meetings served as a motivating factor for all the sisters.